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Words of Nectar - Sadhana for Taming the Mind

by Ambica Udaynarayan, The New Indian Express

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Bhupathiraju Venkata Lakshmi Narasimharaju, affectionately called Sri Nanna Garu (father) by his followers, has been propagating the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi for over 4O years. Hailing from Jinnur in West Godavari district, Nanna Garu has endeared himself to the masses with his gentleness, simplicity and silence.

STRESS, conflicts at home and workplace and anger are quite common nowadays and they take a toll on oneís energy and thought process. Consequently, the mind is not ready to analyse the situation, bury the bitterness and have a fresh look at life. Words of Nectar - Sadhana for Taming the Mind is a guide to help us through such turbulent situations.

A compilation of spiritual discourses of Sri Nanna Garu delivered at different places in Andhra Pradesh, the book has answers to queries that help one lead a peaceful life.

Suggesting the path of compromise rather than conflict to achieve happiness in oneís life, the book takes the example of human body to explain the point. The eyes have the habit of seeing and they will not stop doing that even if one tells them to cease seeing. Similarly, the ears canít be stopped from hearing neither mundane matters nor the mind from thinking. Hence, one should compromise with them rather than entering into a conflict. One should assign them some good things to do and teach them the sense of purity. This, when practised over a period of time, will lead to immense happiness, the book says.

Stressing the need to remain stable in life at all times, it cites the case of a sea which remains unperturbed whether there are heavy inflows during the rainy season or no inflows at all in summer.

The discourses also focus on the benefits of being in the company of holy people, whose words and deeds are soothing and worth practising. A teacher teaches, but an acharya teaches, practices and makes other practice, it says.

Translated into English from Telugu by Prof Sivaramakrishna, former head of the Department of English, Osmania University, the book has 11 chapters on various issues, including conquering ego and unconditional love towards God. It is written in a simple language to help common people understand the message of Sri Nanna Garu. A few foreign devotees penned their experiences with Nanna Garu towards the end of the book. Itís a useful guide to those treading the path of spirituality.

The book costs Rs 300/-. The book is printed and published by Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi. For copies contact N S Lakshmi, 82/2RT, Malakpet Municipal Colony, Hyderabad -36; Mobile No: 9849355253.

By Ambica Udaynarayan


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