Ramana Bhaskara


Words of Wisdom
(Translation of Amrutha Vakkulu Telugu Book)
Guru's Significance

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  1. Guru, God and self are one and the same and not different. The self (which is your nature) takes a form as Guru and gradually lessens the force of your past tendencies and thereby turns your mind inwards (Antharmukam). The beauties of heart are revealed only to that mind that is introverted. If you love your Guru, it implies unknowingly you are loving yourself.
  2. God created this world and did not leave it abandoned. He also explained the manner of life that will lead to Jnana. Therefore God is our first Guru (Adi Guru).
  3. Only a self-realized man is eligible for the word Guru. A self-realized soul can only see Atman everywhere.
  4. He, who takes you closer towards inner self, is the real Guru. Do not restrict Guru to a body. He is the only means who will protect us from the vicious circle of birth and death.
  5. By mere looking at whom your mind is introverted is the real Mahatma, he is the real Guru. The first task, the middle task and the last task that the Guru does for you is introverting your mind. One who leaves the self and talks other things is not a Guru but a demon (Rakshasa).
  6. Guru, out of grace can remove various past tendencies within a second, which you were unable to do since several births. There is nothing equal to Guru’s grace in this world. There might exist several Gurus in this world but if a self-realized soul (jnani) becomes your Guru, he will certainly lead you to your goal (Self-realization).
  7. “I” and “mine” are two big stones that cannot be removed without Guru’s help. “I” implies ahamkara (ego) and “mine” implies mamakara (that belongs to me) As long as this ‘kara’ exists, man cannot become pure and cannot go beyond nature.
  8. The help that you receive from Guru internally is immeasurable. Guru’s grace works much more than your self-efforts. It is Guru alone who accompanies you throughout your births and protects you. You don’t know the address of your Guru, but Guru knows your address wherever you are and whatever may be your birth. Guru never leaves you until your goal (Self-realization) is reached.
  9. Though the outer Guru is false, but is still required. If God gets angry with us, it is only Guru who can protect us but if Guru Gets angry with us, even God cannot protect us. Only polite people can listen to the Guru. Is it not that only when we listen, we come to know what needs to be obtained?
  10. My dear soul mates! We can clear the debt of the mother, debt of the father and the debt of the teacher in our school. But we always owe to Guru who puts his all efforts to make you realize. Any God greater than Guru doesn’t exist, doesn’t exist and doesn’t exist.
  11. Our Vedas proclaim thus: “Guru is brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Maheswara and Guru is supreme self itself.”
  12. In the Gita the lord promised – “I will liberate you even if you remember me in your last moments”. But at the time of death all the hidden tendencies in heart rush out to the brain and man can remember only those things at that time for which he longed throughout his life. That last thought in his last moments leads a man to his rebirth. But if we are pure and have true surrender, Guru can help us out here. He can create a state of good tendencies in our last moments and thereby lead us to higher/good births. Is it not the greatest help that one can ever obtain in this world?
  13. It is difficult to worship God as Guru. Therefore God himself comes as Guru taking a human form. It is God’s grace only that has taken the form of Sri Ramana.


Courtesy: Hyderabad Devotees
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