Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Hyderabad
Guru Poornima Celebration

Date: 25 Jul 2010


My Dear Soul - mates

Today is Vyaasa poornima, Guru poornima and Gyana poornima. Vyaasa Maharshi and Valmiki Maharshi are both truths and to be renowned. Vyaasa is re-incarnation of Mahavishnu. He is ocean of knowledge. He has "written the Mahabharata which comprises of 1,00,000 slokas. Guru is a walking God. He is dispeller of darkness. They are truth realized souls. One should worship and respect Guru. It is a custom to respect Guru on this Guru poornima(Full Moon)day.

Human mind is never steady. Clarify your doubts from the Guru otherwise you cannot get clarity. Anything is possible by Gurus grace. Sri Rama is †gentleman God. The capital for knowledge is urge, longing, craving to know the truth. Hearing, Hearing and Hearing the subject then you will develop a liking to know it, Guruís guidance and help will follow. Wait patiently and with prudence for Guruís grace without expectation. You should see Guru with inner sight and not with mind and sense-organs. Guru teaches with both spoken and written expressions with short sentences too. Guru is always concerned about the disciple's welfare, future progress and blesses with spiritual wealth. Guruís grace falls like rain.

There is a lot of foreign matter in us, weaknesses, tendencies, behavior etc. Pray to Guru to remove these and fill the mind with good qualities. Human qualities, body-boundedness should get dried and burnt. To get liberation means to get liberated from that which is not, for which the individual I, artificial I should get burnt. Then the true I will get enlightened. The Bhagavad-Gita is a part of the Mahabharata. It is the song divine sung by Sri Krishna- The administrator and ruler, this was the spoken expression and the written expression was given by Veda-Vyaasa, the great Guru therefore both being one and the same. Bhagavad-Gita teaches human conduct behavior, mind-control, self-control, proper understanding throughout the living. Arjuna is effort and Krishna is kripa (Compassion,Grace). God takes the form of Guru and preaches. He sends his grace whenever required.

People are usually envious but they themselves lose health. Desires when fulfilled increase more and more. To conquer a desire brings more joy than to satisfy it. Nothing is too heavy for destiny. Likes and Dislikes spoil our mind. Watch your mind from Wandering and Wavering. If u reach the no mind state there is no world. If the truth is realized, there is no mind to control, no sorrow, no pain, and no grief. The greatest thing is to stop worrying. Everything happens according to the time. Who belongs to whom. There is Iswara-truth. Gods will prevail. We all are toys in the hands of God. Richness, Poverty, Darkness, Ignorance, Ego-Sense, to come out of it Guru is required. Ask with Satva, not Raja or Tamo, Guru should feel like teaching. Emotion and depression are both thought and mind. Except God and truth everything is thought. Where there is no attachment there is no sorrow no more re-births. Laziness is a great sin

You try to purify and cleanse yourself. Learners and students should be humble. Power and money spoil the man. The mind gets polluted. Do not interfere into others matters, the ego-sense increases, Body-boundedness increases. All this is Maya(Illusion). Without My Grace, Compassion, Mercy you cannot come out of it. You need equal mindedness and even mindedness and total faith and living faith by which you can move mountains. By total surrender, the mind gets cool and calm. Not what you eat but what you digest makes you strong. One sentence is enough, One Sloka is enough from the Bhagavad-Gita, when you understand and follow it here and now you get bliss. Understanding itself is Yoga. Truth is ONE. Get united with it. Teachers should teach lovingly.

Wish for the welfare of all. You are answerable for every good and evil thought. Guru knows your faults and defects. Guru is capable of everything. Gurus grace is strengthful. Holy company is very important. Daily minimum ten minutes you should be with holy company. Guru is a walking god. His touch, look, glance, word, walking, everything is grace, even his anger is grace. His presence and vibrations will work on you. Have pure and steady faith towards Guru and God. Silence is Gold and Speech is Silver.

Purify the mind. Try to eliminate the faults. Publicity is a disease. Follow do's and don'ts. Be away from prohibited actions. Learn to purify your mind without ego, dedicate it to God. All thoughts are shadows. Birth is a thought and Death also is a thought. I am that I am. That truth is Deathless and Birthless. The whole year Guru serves you calmly, silently. He is a large ocean of mercy. On this day you should serve respect, honor and worship the Guru, everyone of us.



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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