Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Jinnuru

Date: 18 May 2010


My Dear Soul - mates

We are celebrating Shankara Jayanthi today. The great ACHARYA - SHANKARA CHARYA, was born in KALADI. At the age of Five years his thread ceremony was done and in GURUKUL at the age of Eight years all his education was completed. The great Acharya is the manifestation of Dakshinamurthy (LORD SHIVA) Himself. He traveled far and wide, North and South, East and West to propagate self knowledge and He unified Hinduism and India. He is the greatest amongst the saints and the monks.

Everything happens in its own time. Life is endless. Self-knowledge is the only teaching the rest is misery. Anything learnt with the mind is not true learning. True Teaching is beyond name and form. The Teachers should have experience only then, then can teach. Hear, Listen to the subject properly, then contemplate without separateness, you will become one with God. By chanting the name of God al the faults will get washed away.

Withdraw from the dualities and defects, Here and now you will get salvation in this body itself. God, Sri Krishna said, the only one to be known is self-knowledge. Self is consciousness, intellect is (Jada), inert, insentient, intellect is not self, Life also is not self, We all are also not self the body, mind, Sense-organs etc are not self. Practice inner-sight, become introvert, sweeten and soften the mind and make it purest and whitest. Whenever possible do at latest one good work even any small work. Do not leave Holy company even when available for few minutes. Nothing is true for Destiny and Nothing is true for time. Everything Happens according to your karma (Accumulated actions), therefore do not blame anybody and do not lose your mental peace. The mind gets wandering and you will get spoiled . Under any circumstances do not leave peace of mind. Do not forget God, Do not forget Love, Do not forget Devotion, Be devoted to the Lotus feet of God, Devotion is greater than Love. Be as you Are. Devotion will teach you. The Acharya, Guru, Saint blesses you here itself, 90% of your work is done here itself, only 10% you need to practice at home make effort, Try, practice, Respect the Guru, Acharya, otherwise Guru's teaching s ( nectar) will not enter into your Heart.

Dispel negligence, laziness, weakness, ignorance now, if not, then what other work will you do now? Why are you always busy and you never seem to have time. For whom or For what are you busy? Let me know, what important work do you have? Do perform your duty and utilize the rest of the time to know God. Have you ever helped anybody at physical, mental, intellectual or Spiritual Level? Aim High and Aim at the Highest. Control your mind by Holy Company. Mind is your best friend and enemy too. Cleanse your mind yourself no outsider will come and do it. 1000 external enemies are not harmful but when your mind is our enemy, it is very dangerous and harmful, only by Guru's grace can it be cured, even deep and strong Karma(accumulated actions), hindrances, obstacles get washed away by Guru's (saint) grace.

People may behave in a good or bad way with you, you wish for every body's welfare. Having Selfish motive, desire, dualities, separateness ignorance in the mind, How can you aspire for self-knowledge? When the mind gets diluted, purified and controlled then it becomes one with God, like the river merges into the ocean. It is the most natural, normal, sweetest and intelligent way, Where there is intellectual understanding, there is no sorrow. By devotion, Spiritual practice, Holy company and Guru's(saint) grace, in the Course of time you will be blessed with self-knowledge. No physical or intellectual exercise, only effort, tolerance and Tappas (penance, spiritual practice) are required and when it gradually ripens on its own, then it will fall naturally Whoever becomes subtle, fine, small minute, egoless, pride less, with humility places himself in the feet of God, craving and longing to know God, identification with God, then he experiences that Supreme State, that oneness and it is beyond birth and death.

Do not get feared of the world and do not produce fear in the world. Do not suffer at any point of time and Do not cause suffering at any time. Do not get emotional while fortunes arrive and Never get depressed when misfortunes strike. Try and experience universal oneness, when we all are one, whom will we see and feel jealous or get feared of ? Cultivate good and great qualities depth and broad-mindedness, so that they should become natural and one with you even though they may not be inborn. Everything is ended by forgiveness. Understanding itself is yoga.

Acharya Guru, saint bless you with(Silence), by teaching and preaching too. Practice dispassion, the mind should not set on anything get the mind back from external attractions, enjoyments, but the mind does not listen to you but by awareness of the subject and receiving it properly and by practice it will try dispassion. By ignorance, un-education, wrong thinking , wrong attitude, we loved, we enjoyed and got stuck in previous births in the form of tendencies which are endless and they follow us in every birth and equally they do not allow us to get withdraw from them, for which sadhana ( Spiritual practice) is not sufficient, Acharyas grace and Guru's grace is required.

Acharya, Guru, saint, while preaching, He goes on cleansing He Loves, He knows, He not only preaches but also makes you experience and whatever cause is a hindrance to your spiritual progress, will remove the cause by the root and will make you pure and total and then you will become one with God. Pray to God to make me as faultless and pure as you are and then unite me with you. Pray to make me fit and Prepare me faultless for faultless means That is Fire. That is Truth, AND THE TRUTH IS ONE. You must know the TRUTH and you shall know the TRUTH and That TRUTH will make you free, Freedom from sorrow, rebirth, ups and downs, tensions, freedom from everything that is nonsense. Happiness every where and no more re-births. Make maximum effort sincerely, Now and Here, Do good work, Do not lose peace and humility Always Be in Holy company, Ask and it shall be given. Acharya gives all the peace and Happiness to you. Acharya blesses you with self-knowledge by whatever means or way.



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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