Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Jinnuru

Date: 12 April 2010


My Dear Soul-mates,

Praise and self-praise is the result of KAMA (Desire). It brings restlessness. Love brings peace. A Holy Name (Anyone Rama, Krishna, Shiva etc.,) should not be remembered now and then but, should be chanted every moment and should get mixed into your blood like the soaked powder gets mixed into the water. Body should be fit and mind should be peaceful. Daily you do contemplate and question yourself, For what purpose are we using the body and the mind too? From morning till night only for enjoyments or for the thinking of God, self, or for the quest of God? We believe that God exists only in idols or temples. But God is the indweller in your Heart and exists in your Heart there, the moment you realize it, then in your last breath you will become one with God. The cycle of birth and death is Maya (illusion). Till you awaken into the TRUTH you find all external matters real. The mind only takes birth in the form of a body. Mind is full of tendencies, they take the form of dualities, likes-dislikes etc. and takes births and births and can never come out of it.

Conduct, Behavior should be good and proper. It is not enough if you possess good thoughts, they should be activated. Oh! Shiva (God), Give me Teach me inner-sight, then! I will and I can find you, see you. As the rat falls into the rat-trap by getting attracted to it only by a small piece of flesh, so also we are falling trap into the external attractions and enjoyments which is nothing but MAYA(illusion). Reduce wandering and attachment it is Sadhana (spiritual practice). Knowledge and devotion are combined, they cannot be separated as sugar in coffee cannot be separated. Be very careful while forming habits for Habits Die Hard. Do not get identified with anything. For gaining knowledge, you need not stop your allotted duty and need not escape from your family duties. There is no need for imitation or comparison with others. You do not think about what others think about you. It is waste and unnecessary. We are 100% fearful if we think about others and their thoughts. Inspite of having all worldly possession? if you are still getting fear, unrest, what is the use of these then?

When you have insight, any evil Karma(accumulated actions), grief, sorrow will not touch you, even death will not touch you. When there is no sorrower, where is sorrow then? In this body itself you will get peace, if you want peace and happiness, Forget the past and do not flunk about the unseen future. Do not worry. Live in the present. Do perform your duty daily. Do not imagine the future. Except God everything is Maya (illusion), created by the mind. Against God's will where can your mind stand? Learn to compromise with God. Control over diet is essential. Wavering of the mind produces unrest dualities-likes, dislikes etc. Will you go on enjoying till you die? Doesn't your body and mind have any other work than enjoyments?

Strong habits become tendencies and birth after birth they become strengthen and then you are so much bounded to them that they do not let you stick to the' experience or taste of the knowledge and Truth. For eliminating them God's and Guru's(Saint) grace is essential. Habits, tendencies, attachment-they trouble you, they cannot be removed by your effort, however-much you try, the seed will remain, only Guru(saint) can remove them along with the seed, that seed the Guru (saint) will burn it into ashes at the time of death and that will be the final death, no more re-births. That grace will follow you till the Artificial, False I is uprooted from you. God, Guru saint remembers you whether you remember Him or not, in fact He makes you remember Him and never to forget Him. God Himself states in the Bhagwadh Gita that He Himself is Remembrance and forgetness too.

Lord Buddha was full of Love, Tonís of Love, Oceans of Love, Universal Love, Divine Love, unworldly Love, It was so wonderful that ignorance gets washed away in the flow of this Love. Love and knowledge are one and the same. Those who possess subtle mind and quality of goodness, Love everybody. When you get unified with everybody then you cannot remain without loving the creation. Your Love will then flow all over and your ego-sense will leave. But your Love is limited to your family. You think that this body is mine, so the Love is limited. Body itself is untrue. A sage loves everybody, His Love is boundless, limitless. A sage accepts all the sorrow and grief of the world whereas you distribute all your sorrow and grief into the world. Do practice and Do not leave Practice. Everything I am, you do not exist. If you accept the will of God, there is no sorrow. Birth and Death are destined. We are the actors in the hands of God. Family is decided by God according to your Prarabdha (accumulated actions). You do your Sadhana (spiritual practice) and forget the rest.

Changing clothes or changing bodies or becoming Sanyasi is not important, eliminating useless thoughts, tendencies, impressions for they are binding, therefore it is very important to remove the very cause of them. Gain self-knowledge and you will gain all the Bliss, Truth and that ultimate state. Do your work with hands at home, keep the mind fixed on God. Be Good Do Good. When contemplating Any good word or verses from the Bhagwadh Gita will surely safeguard and help you at the time of crisis. Your faith in Me(God) should be so strong, your Love in my Lotus Feet so pure and deep that I will bless you with good intellect and remove all the evil thoughts in you.

Fix body and mind, have they helped you, cooperated you to know God. QUESTION YOURSELF BEFORE SLEEPING.



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
© 2010 Sri Ramana Kshetram, Jinnuru 534265, Andhra Pradesh, India
Last Updated:June 27, 2017