Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Bhimavaram

Date: 21 February 2010


My Dear Soul-mates,

Sri Krishna becoming God, that universal spirit, preached the Bhagawadh Gita. It is most famous in the world like the Bible and the Koran. You should attain God and knowledge and you should have faith in Guru (saint) without any doubt. Unless you have accumulated merits from many previous births, you do not like and understand Bhagawadh Gita. Those are the most valuable words, by which spiritual progress gets enhanced, for which try to associate with the elevated people and learn from them. After finishing your daily routine, spend some time and work for the benefit of the people, society whenever possible, your health (body and mind) will improve. Live like the life of LORD RAMA and practice the words of SRI KRISHNA. God is within us but because we do not have inner sight, we do not reach the depth of the Heart.

Kill That I - Artifical I, False I. It is separate. It cannot get united with Brahmam(consciousness). It is never united with God, It gets mixed with external matters. Do good deeds, learn to do good deeds, get habituated to do good deeds, any form of charity or anything beneficial to the people. Keep good books, epics, at home. The one who is beyond the three gunas (the three modes of Nature) is called Gunateetha (Beyond , gunas). Lord Rama possessed divine qualities only to bless the world. Worship Me, Take me as your support, Remember Me, Chant My name, you cannot Remember Me without faith and purity of mind and for the purification of the mind, charity, good deeds, good friends and association with Holy company is essential. If you lost humility, you cannot gain progress in devotion and spirituality. Excess wealth spoils the mind.

Abide in God Peacefully forever. That Brahmam is in your Heart and it is unwritten, unspoken, unexpressed, can be only experienced but not with intellect, mind nor with sense-organs surely with most pure mind, body and sense-organs. Spiritual Poverty is prevailing, increase Spiritual richness, wealth. God exists everywhere. It is beyond understanding, beyond imagination, even-minded and cool-minded. Stay equal-minded under any circumstances favourable or unfavourable, then you will get united with that equal-God. Learn equal-mindedness and practice equal-mindedness, slowly, gradually, you will gain the divine qualities. Your goal is Truth realisation, God realisation, unworldly Truth. God will never stop loving you, people may leave you, abondon you. Watch your minus and plus points. Eliminate the minus points in you and enhance the plus points in you. You should have unwavering and unshaken faith in God. Wish for the well-being of All. This is spiritual richness. Follow your own nature and Do not move against it. Learn new lessons in life everyday. Do not commit mistakes and do not repeat them. Desire and Anger are the two sides of one coin. Do not waste your energy in worldly matters. Withdraw from and control your mind and sense-organs again and again and again. Vein thoughts and waste thoughts - ignore them. Be Brave and face the destiny, fight with the destiny and do not weep. Worship God and serve the poor and the needy. Do not demand from God and moreover Do not even remind God, for God knows what is best for us. Where there is no expectation there is no disappointment.

God, Brahmam, consiousness, Self All is ONE, Whether manifest or unmanifest, with form or formless, you just pray, salute, worship, bow your head to whichever form you get attracted and that itself will lead you to the destination. Do perform the deeds in a devoted and selfless manner and you may forget the fruits or consequences but God will not forget your merits and will bless you whenever required, in this birth or any other birth. Individual I, personal I, Body-bound I cannot take you to that supreme state. When you have faith in Me, How can I leave you? But oh! Faithless people How can you desire salvation? Everything is destined, birth and death, Wealth and the day the wealth will get ended too. Poverty also teaches lessons. Bhagwadh Gita the most beautiful and sacred dialogue. He who reads it and preaches he is very near to Me and very dear to Me. Gita is the direct route to salvation. Give prominence to preaching. Read, understand, experience, teach and preach. It is out of love, out of compassion, out of mercy that Guru (saint) and God preach.

Learn spiritual education. You must know the Truth and you should know the Truth. Truth should be the only goal of life. Avoid and escape from worldly pleasures and comparisons. All relations even family are destiny. Turn your mind towards God. Guru's (saint) relation is from many births. He has been chasing you from many births and will be chasing you for many more births till you reach that ultimate state, liberation, salvation. Guru is God, Iswara, the owner. He Himself will cultivate love and devotion unto you and will make you remember Him by His grace.

Our mind and intellect is totally immersed in enjoyments and worldly issues. To pull it out from them it is really difficult. Give the mind to the Guru(God). He will clean it, purify it, He will wash it, He will remove all the faults, defects, He will burn all the innate tendencies and then you will get salvation. Acharya (saint) - Ask Him questions with humility and longing and craving to know God. Cultivate Satvaguna (the quality of goodness) by which you can see God everywhere and in every house. God needs no publicity. Perform some social service (for the benefit of the people), charity etc, but not for fame, purely for the love and grace of God. Enhance spiritual richness. AWAKEN TO THE TRUTH. The Inner strength. The power is yours.



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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