Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Polamooru

Date: 25 January 2010


My Dear Soul-mates,

Speech should be short and sweet. Listen to the Subject. Sri Krishna has preached therefore we know about that supreme knowledge. He is God. He dwells in everybody and exists everywhere. He is the indweller in everybody's heart. He is the witness in our heart and observes our thoughts good or bad. He is the bestower of our deeds. The whole administration and control is in his hands. Do perform your duty and do not expect the results. Everything is His will.

This Earth is meant for Sadhana (spiritual practice). The other worlds, like Heaven, Hell, other deities worlds like Vishnuloka, Shivaloka, Indraloka etc are only for enjoyments. Do not waste time and utilise it properly. Everything is in the mind - fear, enjoyment etc

REMEMBER - only that which is in the Heart is the Truth. We have to reach it. We are hearing about it, We are reading about it but we have to experience it, for that the mind has to die. Except Truth all other matters Ė family, relatives, friends are untrue are external matters. The true happy person is the one who has realised the Truth. People come to our house with physical needs, desires, problems, sorrows, sufferings etc. We guide them whole heartedly bless them but very very few percentage come for spiritual guidance and quest for knowledge. A saint takes the devotee to that supreme state in which He Himself dwells.

GURU(SAINT) is the SELF. GOD,CONSCIOUSNESS. He is the preacher. If He does not preach HOW can the Knowledge be known? He does His work inside, silently. He removes the obstacles weaknesses dirt in you and then takes you into Him, where endless peace and happiness prevail and aboye all blesses you with complete fearless state of death. Birth and death are related to the body whereas wandering is totally related to the mind.

Why do we get hatred and anger? Only Due to separateness. The day we realise this we are Liberated. Love at home is limited. It is like a palace of cards (so weak and delicate). Will fall by any small difference or fight. We all are one family only according to destiny. A saint's love is limitless and bondless. Teachers are solely responsible for the progress of the students. On the day of earning rupees one thousand crores itself is destined when will they get finished. Similarly on the day of the birth of the body it is destinated when will it end.

Everything is created by the mind - Money, Wealth, Power etc. By thought, word and deed the mind should be decreased. Subdued, controlled. Salvation, Liberation is to be attained. It is a state of Bliss, Peace, Nothing is equal to it. It is unworldly, beyond the mind and sense-organs. It cannot be reached, it is to be experienced. There are no others for that state people. Lord Buddha after experiencing it travelled all over Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to distribute amongst the people. They cannot stay without loving and blessing people such is the nature of the saints. Guruís one word glance touch is enough. Guruís grace His touch is as clear as the sence of being physically touched. Guru takes you into that depth by His grace to which you cannot go without His grace. At home perform your duty but nothing will bind you. Everybodyís destiny plays the role. Lord Rama (manisfetation of God) was happy even in the forest for He was beyond mind and sense-organs. Be careful with friendships because our mind is weak, it is not strong. Be careful in selecting books, friends and words too. By effort even if we may not reach the goal in this birth definitely we gain subtle intellect. Every deed should be performed heartfully. selflessly and dedicated and devoted to society and God. Hence the mind gets pure and it will get prepared for the quest of the Truth. Without Knowing self-knowledge you cannot Acquire it. KAMA(Desire) and ANGER are great obstacles. Desires get aggrevated by satisfying them one after another, it is like adding fuel to the fire.

The servant performs the work thinking that it is not of him similarly you do perform every action thinking it is not of yours but only of God. God has already done the work and He gets it done by you. God does the work and gives the credit and honour to us. We should hear the word, respect it, honour it, understand and follow it then remember it and contemplate it. The hands should be fixed on the work and the mind should be fixed on the lotus feet of God. Live your internal life like a sanyasi (detached). Forget the past fame or defame anything. Do not commit mistakes moreover. Do not repeat them. Do not remember useless things and be careful. This is also a part of Sadhana (spiritual practice). Energy gets drained by remembering the past. Everything is forgotten if you forget it. Do not waste your energy for useless things and petty things. Utilise your time upto the maximum for inward journey.

A saintís presence is enough. The waves (vibrations) flow from Him normally, naturally, automatically, consciously like the fragrance of the sweet smelling flowers travels naturally without any request. Association with Holy company leads us to that supreme state and our mind also makes an effort to reach it. God's word should be heard with interest and concentration.

Interest with tolerance and forebearance is required to gain knowledge. This is told by the great scientist and Mathematician ISAAC NEWTON. Within your heart exists that perfect energy power Brahmam. Awaken it. Attract it. Arise into it. Get drawn into it without which you cannot reach it. The Creator. The base which governs the universe is faultless flawless clear transparent, only when you become pure like it can you reach that state. We all think that we are good. That Brahmam should know the goodness in you then it will reveal itself to you. Your behaviour should be perfect, intelligent and impersonal. Be subject oriented and Mind your own Business. Money, Wealth, Name, Fame, Education, body, Power, all enjoyments, all other worlds are all external issues, they will ruin you. The wondering and wavering of the mind will increase. You are getting distant to the Truth. Except Truth Everything is created by the mind.

GURU(SAINT) awakens you from this Maha Maya (illusion) by His word. He sometimes gives you pain, pricks you or even cuts you with a shield that also is for your benefit and your nearest and dearest sometimes become distant that also to remove the attachment from them. The tendencies and habits are very deep-rooted in us. Guru's help is required to uproot them. Guru's grace is unspoken and unwritten. Guru's grace can be acquired only by His grace. Guru will cultivate liking and knowing towards God and will unite you with Him.

Do not go into external matters. If you do not have direct access to Guru or God associate with those who have it you will also learn to get nearer to God. Do not hear useless matters. Hear God's words even if you do not like them then try to like them and you will develop liking towards them. God has allotted duties, perform your duty properly without comparison once the job is done the body gets dropped. Intelligent is the one who performs the deed like he has not performed it at all.(No doership).

When I know you only then I know that I do not exist. Fix your thought and mind on God constantly. Then you will reach to that actionless state and all old tendencies will get eliminated and new ones will not form. Perform every action heartfully, lovingly, with liking, not formally and for gaining God's grace. Have Faith in God. Everything happens in its own time. Destiny plays a powerful role.

In solitude, sit alone and watch your thoughts good or bad, useful or useless. Good Qualities help you lead you to the path to know God consciousness. Qualities and Habits follow us after death. Pray to God to send the fire of knowledge (God's grace) and burn the useless bad qualities you possess. God will Bless you. Decorate you with that supreme knowledge with which He Blessed Me and will Bless to whoever has come here.

Guru (Saint) neither abondons me nor does He unite me totally and never lets me go my way. This is sadhana (spiritual progress) and this being last birth of yours all your weaknessess tendencies Guru will bring them draw then pull them out, one by one make them experienced by you giving you the required strength and then will BLESS YOU.



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
© 2010 Sri Ramana Kshetram, Jinnuru 534265, Andhra Pradesh, India
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