Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Jinnuru

Date: 13 December 2009


My Dear Soul-mates,

I feel that you all are wasting time. Do perform sadhana (Spiritual practice) at home. Indians are used to laziness. Americans work very hard and do their work themselves whereas we depend on maids. Our children are used to ancestral properties. So are we and our ancestors too. We spoil our children by giving them too much money and ancestral properties. Americans teach their children to earn their livelihood and usually they donate their wealth for charity.

Though we may be rich we should live like poor people. Simple living and high thinking. Control of sense organs and mind arises by implementing simple living. Desire is the culprit. In spiritual path there is no scope for imitation. This is brahma vidya (Supreme knowledge). Previously they used to preach only in gurukul (School of saints)

There is no peace or happiness anywhere outside. True happiness exists within. Body-bounded ness, arrogance spoil us. No worldly word or speech is true, do not keep it as base for knowledge. Only shastras (epics) should be taken. Thought word and deed should be focused only towards God. In deep-sleep state there is no existence, happiness and peace exist there. When you gain peace, happiness and knowledge you can distribute it to thousands of people. For consciousness there is no more or less. Respect the word of God. Do pooja. Do follow his words. Implement them. He, Himself will guide you, bless you.

When we feel Gods will is mine, Gods liking is mine, then there is no unhappiness and no unrest. The core, the root thought is within us. Cultivate endless faith towards God. The goal of our sadhana (Spiritual practice) is to purify our mind. The mind should be your true friend. Once your mind is pure, it gets united with God, no separateness and there is no journey for the mind and no re-birth. Brahmam is one but we think it as many. Whoever is equal-minded (Away from dualities) can only conquer the sansara (Means the mind, not people). The all pervading brahmam has no separateness, no form, no qualities equally distributed everywhere, no where more or no where less.

By committing suicide or even by natural death you cannot escape for the mind does not die, it will chase you for many births and all the faults and defects of you will get repeated and aggravated. The mind should be faultless till then the cycle of births and deaths repeat. Heavy stones, boulders (Faults of the mind). You cannot eliminate them. Every body has destiny. There is no comparison. Everybody has to experience his own destiny whether you like it or not, you have to experience it. Better experience it with liking, you will not be made to repeat it. You be at peace and happiness under whatever circumstances you may be. Do not blame God for anything.

Sadhana (Spiritual practice) means getting withdrawn from our faults, defects one by one. Tapasya (Penance) means the control of mind that too slowly, gradually, carefully eliminating our weaknesses and tendencies. Seeing, hearing evil leads to the pollution of the mind. Do not associate with bad people. If necessary, just say hello or namaste though they may be close or dear or not. Under favorable conditions control your emotions for you are answerable to God by outside happiness do not get excited. Live in the right way, Dharma (Righteousness). Merit and demerit gets spent in the form of happiness or sorrow.

Do perform your duty with love, your mind and sense organs should get immersed into it. That is dharma. Till you get stability, equal mindedness, till you reach the balanced state your mind gets spoiled by emotions and depressions, mind only takes you to hell or heaven or even salvation.

The mind is always used to some or the other thinking, so better only thinking of the self or God which leads you to God whereas thinking of outside matters ruins you and the mind gets entangled, bonded, body-bounded and falls into maaya (Illusion). If the mind is not accepting the will of God, it means it is not under control. Suppressed mind is always dangerous. It should be killed totally like the snake (Dead Snake) whereas undead snake is always dangerous. Kill the I first, the individual I, the personal I. That is Sadhana (Spiritual practice). Everybody likes this I, personal I that is poison within you, eliminate it. Kill that separateness. By constant remembrance of God, the mind automatically gets killed, controlled; it will not go for outside thinking. Then you achieve endless happiness. Birth and death are destined. Destiny, fortune or misfortune is related to the body. Utilize your body for sadhana, that which does not take birth nor dies is the true I When you experience the true happiness within the external happiness does not even touch you. Our mind travels according to its likes, desires but in this very birth, before death, you can attain peace, happiness by remembering God. The speed of desire and anger should be reduced, diminished totally and 100% it should be finished. Here and now you will get salvation in this body itself. Do not waste your time and of others too by visiting them without appointment. We are used to laziness from our ancestral times.

In your heart gold, brahmam (Consciousness) exists, get united with it only by removing the false, dust, dirt within you by effort-that is sadhana (Spiritual practice). There is no knowledge with faults; knowledge can be gained only by pure mind.


Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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