Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Jinnuru

Date: 24 November 2009


My dear soul-mates,

We should always hear good words even though we do not understand them, by hearing and hearing (hearing is one of the navavidha bhakthi = nine devotions). Hearing purifies you. It becomes very useful in the later life. Bhagwadh Gita is the source of all knowledge. It is Moksha Shastram (The epic which gives salvation). If you follow Bhagwadh Gita you reach God, Salvation. Who is very near to Me and who is very dear to Me - the one who reads the Bhagwadh Gita, understands it, enjoys it and implements it, whoever he may be and in whichever place he may be. Birth and death are inevitable whichever strong thought you possess at the moment of death leads you to re - birth.

The mind and body should be in good health. The mind should be clear, transparent, for which you need self-thinking, discrimination and awareness. You should have Holy company, it cultivates Satvaguna = Virtuous quality. Do perform your duty self - lessly, with great effort without even expecting the results or consequences. God knows what is best for us. And also at what time, place, this birth or any birth.

When you think of worldly affairs KAMA = desire arises and functions through the mind and sense organs when fulfilled becomes arrogant and multiplies itself and when unfulfilled takes the form of anger and hatred and blames some or the other person, loses temper and finally intellect too. When you are angry better do not talk for your words will be wrong and harmful. Be silent. Decrease attachment, the mind will depend on it only, similarly do not rely on comforts and happiness, the mind will back on them. Originally our mind is not good, not civilized. The mind is full of ego and attachment. The body has got used to comforts and luxuries. Withdraw the mind and the body from them immediately as death is approaching so fast.

We can attain knowledge only by the grace of God. Practice equanimity, reduce dualism, likes - dislikes, love - hatred etc., attachment too, all this is dust, filth. Eliminate it by the grace of God. Perform every action in a self -less manner, without doership then there is no birth and death. Whoever does not carry forward virtues and vices to the next births is the most intelligent person. Your thought, word and deed should be without your presence in it. Your conduct should be such that through you the deed is being performed. The more you travel towards wrong direction the same you have to return behind. Be careful, do not perform wrong deeds for which you may have to repent. On this earth, you have come to perform the allocated duty, DO IT and exit. Whatever action you perform should be only for the purification of the mind, not for recognition, name, fame, all this is filth, by which your mind gets spoilt and ruined. Purification of the mind is the gateway to salvation. Your every action should be for the acquirement of the love and the grace of God, and not for the world or the worldly people. You are giving too much importance to the mind and body. Keep your mind and body fit for utilizing it for the quest of God, for Saadhana (spiritual practice) but you are wasting it for worldly matters. Enhance and increase the weight and growth of your mind by proper word, speech and behavior. Keep aside the body-boundedness and then talk every word. Practice stability, balanced mind, equal mind receiving fortunes and misfortunes alike, this is saadhana. Leave your virtues and sins along with the body. You find your own route and follow it, let the world follow theirs. Believe in the shastras (epics) and God, do not bother about others. Do work for work only, for sacrifice without selfishness. Any self-less action is equal to sacrifice and it is equal to non-action and is action-less state. Cultivate tolerance it will not only be useful in this birth but will come with you to the next births too. Do not hear arrogant words, avoid them, be careful, we also may imitate them.

Mind should be faultless. Faultful mind leads to bondage. Topmost, utmost, maximum importance should be given to the mind. Practice equanimity. Who will come and cleanse or purify your mind? You yourself have to do it. The two most valued qualities are purity and concentration purified mind is the greatest as it is the most eligible to get united with God. Increase devotion, true dispassion in your heart, the Brahmam exists there with you, let it get awakened to you, enlightened to you, let the flame get ignited into you, use your healthy mind and body for this purpose only. You should be rich inwards, inside, cultivate insight, try try try and you will definitely succeed. Your devotion should not be revealed even to the next person not even to anybody at home, it is between you and God. Only by destiny we are placed in one house or family. Do your duty without attachment. Do not depend for peace and happiness anywhere outside or outside people, totally depend on God. We get intoxicated by worldly affairs more than the drunkards, the mind gets polluted, spoilt. Respect elders. Do not disrespect old people, dependents even deities like Rama Krishna etc., (at the time of distress).

Prey to, worship, Devaki's son (Krishna), for he is Brahmam, Atmai, with form or formless, he is the ultimate. Truth, Divinity, follow his every word, implement it. Avoid prohibited actions and concentrate only on Him do not look here and there, do not get diverted.


Courtesy: Smt Neelam
© 2010 Sri Ramana Kshetram, Jinnuru 534265, Andhra Pradesh, India
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