Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Jinnuru

Date: 19 October 2009


My Dear Soul-mates,

Practice Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) at home. Control of sense-organs and mind is required. Insight is necessary. Vashishtha Rishi preached to Sri Rama about control of mind. You should use the mind to reach no-mind state. You are not performing Sadhana at home. You all are wasting time. Time is most precious, it cannot be returned. When you waste time it means you are dishonouring God as God is in the form of time. You may go to Vaikuntha or Kailasha after death. The point is - Here and now you should go into the depth of the Heart. But the mind does not let you go, as it has attachment towards family members and as it is full of desires. Desireless thought and desireless action is required. Our desires are very strong and if they are not fulfilled, anger emerges and when they are fulfilled we become arrogant.

Whatever action you perform, Do it for Me so body-mindedness and mind-mindedness will be eliminated. If you work for recognition or exhibition, your mind will get spoilt and polluted. I am the indweller in every form. You see Me in every form. Do not forget Me in any form and then only you can perform every action without any discrimination dualities or separateness. Do not for-get to see Me in every form. Fix your mind on Iswara (God) and then perform every action. If you see the person in the form, you will get seperateness and your mind will get polluted. You are utilising God for your personal wishes, desires and wants. Whoever fixes Me as destination and loves Me for Me and prays Me for Me is My true devotee. Have you ever prayed Me to unite with Me? Your every thought, word and deed should be only for Me. When will you perform such deed? When? You have to attain Me, reach Me, keep Me as your goal.

At home you talk about God, read Bhagwad Gita. Do Shiva (God) Pooja and not Shava (beings) Pooja. At home you perform your daily chores thinking of Me and when free also think of Me. Be in Holy Company and if you get wordly matters leave the place immediately. In the family do your duty but do not keep attachment with them and do not carry them on your head always. Co-operate with them, help them as to any other person. You can enter into the depths of the heart through sacrifice, dispassion, total concentration with single-pointed devotion and above all with purity of mind.

God does not work for you. He works with you. Sincere effort with total hard work without any laziness is required. Acharya (Guru) is merciful. He bears your weight, He is always worried about your Spiritual Progress. He leads you towards God. Every minute He monitors your Condition and blesses you with your wants and spiritual progress too. He does all the internal work. In your life, according to the fate (destiny) earthquakes may come, large Himalayan mountains may befall on you. Be calm, experience them normally, it will not repeat itself in the next births. Births and deaths are inevitable. Live life in a natural way. Simple living and High thinking. If you have money, wealth, save it, Never Over-enjoy it or waste it. Use it for charity. Do not get mingled with money. Money usually spoils people.

Keep Me as goal and destination. Do not have enemity with anybody. Let them think you as their enemy but you do not nurture such thoughts, you will develop wrong and negative thoughts towards them. The mind only will follow you after death. Why don't you still try to purify your mind? Only Pure mind can see Me face to face. The purified mind is the greatest person in the world. In your heart the indweller (Me), you will attain Me and reach Me. The words of the Bhagwad Gita are Gems. There should be quality in life, in every thought word and deed in everyday behaviour. DESIRE is very very strong (like a very strong large crocodile), it acts to be your most well-wisher and pretends to be extremely friendly with you and wins your confidence too but truly it is your most strongest and dangerous enemy you may ever posess that too hidden, concealed, unseen, unknown, enemy in the form of a dearest friend. Unknown enemy is most dangerous than known enemy. Such is the Power of Desire (Kama).

Every sense-organ has an attraction. Ears likes wordly matters, Tongue likes good taste, Nose-good smell etc. Through the sense-organs you should have double the liking and attraction towards God that too naturally not artificially or forcibly. Your mind should be faultless in case any faults or defects exist in it try to remove them and clean them fastly. When your mind does not know what is dirt, dust, faults etc, then only you will reach the Brahmic state. Even when YOU get difficulties or problems in life do not forget the goal, focus on God state only. All creation is in the control of God. If anybody has caused trouble to you, it is God's will, if anybody has been good with you, it is also God's will. Do not love or hate anybody. It is all destined. We all are faithless.

God works with you and not for you.

We weep and grieve when any body in our house expires. Why do not we weep that the faults in our mind are not dead, or grieve they have not yet expired? Life is a long dream, respects-disrespects, power, wealth etc keep them aside. Live only for Me. Work only for Me. You will attain divine, self qualities which Sri Rama possessed. Be careful All family problems will disturb you, Be calm and peaceful and pursue your spiritual journey. Whoever has a peaceful mind, happy mind is the most fortunate person in the world, even more fortunate than the person who may posess good earnings, wife, children, wealth, power, and many fortunes.

Intention should be pure. Awaken into that endless Happiness, Independent Happiness, Total Bliss after experiencing it, there is no more happiness to gain. To understand the subject here, the mind should be calm and peaceful without anger, irritation or agitation. Un-tie the knot of body-boundedness and bondage.

There is endless ocean of peace in your heart but there is no entry into it by kama (Desire) which needs to be killed by Maha Vishnu (God). Acharya (Guru) will guide you bless you and help you. Acharya will take you into the depths of your heart. Perform saadhana, saadhana and saadhana (spiritual practice).



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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