Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Varanasi(Kasi)

Date: 27 September 2009


My Dear Soul-mates,

We all are in Varanasi (Kasi). Kasi occupies the topmost place in the most sacred holy places.

The mind should get purified, it should be right and proper. Everything is in the mind. Outside matters do not count. The body moves according to the destiny. Through body you experience the full Life-term, whether good or bad. We have to compromise with life and world. All this is body-world. No mind, no body, no world. Your true birthday is the one when you realize the supreme state. You should pray for good intellect and mind as it is the most essential for Saadhanaa (spiritual practice). The tendencies have been formed from many many births. Sincerely heartfully and above all fastly purify your mind. (right mind, correct mind, positive mind). All situations come to teach you lessons. Everything happens according to Automatic Divine Action. We all are instruments (tools) in the hands of God. Nothing is too heavy for Destiny as retold in the Valmiki Ramayana. Leave the body to the destiny. When your mind is fixed towards God, Any number of most strong jolts of Karma (prarabdha - destiny) cannot do anything to you.

You should have right mind like that of the Nandi (The Bull) whose mind is always fixed on Iswara(Lord Siva).Nandi always sees Iswara and Iswara always sees Nandi. They both always see each other. Such is the power of devotion. Place your mind in the lotus feet of God. Saint(Guru) is the Ocean of Love, Peace, Compassion. He and His word should take you into the heart inculcate inner-sight and then to that Supreme state. You must cultivate right attitude. With true devotion, when the mind is stable, it becomes beyond likes and dislikes and dualites. Everything and Every situation in life is God's prasaad(gift). Eat food, perform every action without doership. It is a wonderful expression. Do not hate even the most worst bad fellow because you will only think of him and will not think of God.

We celebrate Dussehara praying to the three sacred deities, Sri Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswathi. Goddess Lakshmi showers wealth on us which is the most important part of our life Goddess Durga blesses us with power and strength. We should sincerrly pray to Her to bless us with proper intellect and discrimination to kill our faults. Goddess saraswathi the Divinity of Supreme knowledge blesses us with ultimate peace, happiness, bliss, the endless supreme state.

Ignorance is in the mind and it brings wrong attitude, to remove it. Guru(saint's) grace is required. Guru guides you, follows you and chases you till the end. To know God Love is required. He Himself will give Love to us. Longing and craving to know God is essential. Those who are full of desires and pretend to be desireless are called Hipocrates. Pray God to forgive them and Bless them. When you find bad in others it means that bad exists in you and it has been projected to you by Iswara (God). Anger, fear, love, hatred all these bring mistery, unrest. Leave them, it is Yoga (sacrifice). No selfish person can gain knowledge. Penanance should be performed till the end of your life. Bear insult. Bear injuries, that is also a part of Saadhana (Spiritual practice). Penance means bearing till your last breath, Carelessness is not permitted. Try to decrease, remove, eliminate the Individual ' I ', the False ' I ', the personal ' I '. The mind should be kept in condition with positive attitude, then it gets controlled and gets burnt once for all. When you get unrest, try to identify the cause of it and then uproot it the unrest will also get uprooted. It is attachment that brings sin, pain and death.

Your true husband is Peace. Your true wife is peace. Whatever effort you perform, it should be for Brahmic state, vour behaviour, life-style should be for that state, resume it, till you attain that state, Don't leave charity, sacrifice and penance till you reach ultimate state. There is no need of middlemen or brokers to reach that Supreme state, There is always direct access to it. God will Himself come and give darshan (vision) to you but you do not have the desire to see Him as you are already one with Him, united with Him. When there is no sufferer, there is no suffering. Maya(illusion), difficulties, sorrows are all in the mind. Awaken the consciousness in the heart by satsang(holy company), by chanting His name. Iswara (God) will eliminate the mind in you. Pray God for good intellect as we do not know what is good for us. With ego and arrogance nothing correct can happen. Leave the mind, it will make you play long jumps and High jumps. For God, not only mind, leave everything. Dependence is slavery. Whatever comes from the mind is created by the mind, it is illusion. God's Will prevails. Totally surrender to God. Your will is my will. Thy will be done. Then God will bless you with salvation. Aim High and Aim at the Highest. Empty, vacate, the Heart from all the filth, then God will come and sit in you heart. Iswara(God) is the controller. He is playing with all the bodies.

Kaasi(Varanasi) is the capital of devotion, the seat of devotion. It is the largest pilgrimage centre, The most pious Holy place. You all, one and all will learn devotion from here and go.

The four most sacred names starting with the letter ' G '.

1. Geeta - Read it. It will purify your mind.
2. Ganga - Take it (drink the holy water) it will purify you.
3. Gayatri - The mother, Shakthi(power) pray to her for good intellect, mind and discrimination.
4. Govinda - Sweetly chant his name, Remember him with pure devotion,the mind gets purified.

Visit Holy places, Hands are meant for charity that too heartfully help the needy, good and right path leads to good, and God state.



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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