Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Mukkamala

Date: 20 August 2010


My Dear Soul-mates,

God, devotee, Bhagawatam are all synonyms. Any selfless action, any service is also Yagna (sacrifice). We can deceive people but we cannot deceive God as He is the indweller in our heart. No selfish person can dispel body-boundedness. Hanuman is the true devotee - he has conquered the sense organs, not only that, he has totally dedicated the body and the sense organs to Sri Rama (the God). Sri Krishna receives all your actions. He is the Receiver. Perform your deeds without doership. The burden (ego), submit it in the feet of God. (Retold by Valmiki in the Ramayana).

While at home, enquire about who is this I, The Individual I, The False I, who is enjoying this world ? Where ego exists, everything exists like the world and happiness and sorrow etc. You have enjoyed all the processions, the sense-organs etc, but now the age is growing. The most important is that the only one who is refined is respected. Life teaches more lessons than school education. Everything is destined. Do not weep and Do not cry. Experience every situation and learn lessons from them, because it is prarabdha (accumulated actions), by which old tendencies will get washed away and new ones will not get built. When you enjoy the prarabdha (the accumulated actions) like the most relished sweet ( paayasam), then it will not get repeated in the next births. Constantly chant the Holy name, do not get diverted. Do not fear death and do not weep for death. Like the cow licks all the dirt of the baby-calf, so also Guru(saint) licks all the faults of the devotees and blesses him with knowledge, God (Narayana) is the indweller in your Heart, He is the bestower of the fruits. The day you realize that you are eternal, birthless and deathless, that itself is your last birth.

You cannot enter into your Heart with all the external stuff, enemies, i.e. desire, anger, qualities etc. The devil(ego) is the one who enjoys everything in the world. Who is your husband, son, sister, mother-in-law, all the relatives are only to the body, created by the mind, when the mind is subdued, nothing remains . You do not belong to anybody and nobody belongs to vou. Any human love is conditional and no human being can be your well-wisher. The urge to know God should be so intense that you cannot live one minute without Him. I am(God) your friend and friend of the whole creation. I am (God) your well-wisher and the well-wisher of the whole creation BUT you don't recognize Me and you don't identify Me. When you know Me Hear and Now you will become one with Me. We think and desire too but our Will does not stand, only God's Will prevails. We should learn lessons from Life. The master, The owner, the indweller is in your Heart, He is omniscient and omnipotent. He makes you sit and stand wherever He wants. Without God's ordain nothing happens, Destiny is very cruel. It is strengthful. It does not listen to anybody. Do perform virtuous deeds but do not expect the result. Slowly, the mind gets controlled and then dead. Be even-minded in every deed and dedicate every deed to God.

When you hate somebody do not forget that God exists in Him. Don't hate anybody, hatred, jealousy, envy are all great enemies, you cannot experience self-knowledge. Have you ever Known or experienced Self-Knowledge? Without eligibility and ability it cannot be known. Only from desire your wishes will not get fulfilled* Everything happens only when destined. Everything happens according to His will. Do perform your duty as a tool in the hands of God. Arjuna was a great warrior and a great friend of Krishna too. He also was an instrument in His hands. Learn to help for when you help somebody your mind gets refined. When you experience the self, all karma (actions) will get burnt.

Attachment also is a part of prarabdha (Accumulated actions), likes and dislikes, wealth, Money, power etc are all prarabdha. These are all different. These are all unreal. Do your duty and Remember Me and after that also Remember Me (God). Don't keep your mind, Remember God and Do not associate with non-devotees. Do not tell only your woes, Listen to others' woes too. Remember the name and form of God, you will forget the mind and sense-organs. Lord Rama is great, He forgives and gives salvation also. He knows only to give. Rama possessed tolerance like Earth. Rama Name is the best for the control of mind and sense-organs* If your mind focus is on God, it will forget the sense-organs. When you control the mind, nothing exists. True devotion means unconditional surrender. In deep sleep state, mindless, bodyless, Godless, Everything less state remains, That is Absolute knowledge, In wakeful state, I arises and everything arises - This is Relative Truth and knowledge, unreal, In Dream state, after awakening everything is unreal, Happiness, grief problems are all unreal. Try and get purified. Try, Make effort now, No Outsider will come and do it for you, Try for your progress, who will do it for you? Work hard, you yourself have to do it. Everything - is in the mind. Repair it, enlighten it. Common-sense and moral-sense is essential. Concentration, purification, positive thinking, right thinking and no wrong thinking are required. Nobody will help you, you help yourself. Mind is your best friend and relative too, Therefore cleanse it, purify it. Do it Now, when will you do it then?

Tolerance, more and more Tolerance .Associate with saints and Be in Holy company. When there is unrest in your mind, you cannot find peace anywhere outside. After death will anybody accompany you? When the body is not yours what else can be yours? If I don't like to leave the body, the body will leave me. I 'mine' are in the mind. Any crookedness in the body does not bring unrest. But crookedness in the mind should be removed for it causes unrest. There are imperfections in the mind. Everything is God's Leela, Maya, Play, drama. He makes us play. Pray to God (Govinda) to dispel this I, ego, become you only have given it and you only take it, it cannot be removed by my effort, enquiry or intelligence. We are not able to bear the prarabdha (Accumulated Actions ), Please God Bless us and help us, For you it may be play, your mercy and compassion is everywhere. Awaken us from darkness to Light. For acquiring knowledge the only capital required is intellect, dedication, dispassion and discrimination.

Sleeplessness makes one weak. Observe the Breathe in and Breathe out process, you wrill get sleep. Read the first page of your favorite epic, you will get sleep. Remember someone who is close to your heart, you will get sleep. Remember God and chant the Holy Name, you will get sleep. Never take sleeping pills.

Krishna lived like God, Rama lived like Man. The mind gets polluted if you look forward for the results. You become equal with God when your mind gets purified. By chanting the Holy Names, Achyutha, Anantha, Govinda, Kesava, Madhava, Narayana, the mind gets purified.



Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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