Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Jinnuru

Date: 19 July 2009


My Dear Soul-mates,

We should cleanse our mind. The mind should be controlled, purified. It is very difficult to clean the mind because from many births it has been very dirty. Control of mind should be done at the optimum level then only we get purified. The indweller in our heart is ONE, TRUTH IS ALWAYS ONE.

Oh! Sugriva, we should make friends with Rama for it is Divine friendship. He will continue it forever. Sri Rama posessed both worldy and spiritual knowledge. We are most fortunate to have the friendship of Rama.

The nature of mind is usually unstable. It gets attracted towards outside matters. The standard and balanced mind becomes pure. Relatives are connected to the body and friends to the mind. These are temporary. The relationship with consciousness state is real, permanent God exists in that state which is beyond spoken or written expression. Oh! BRUTAS, The fault, lies not only in your weaknesses but also in your underlinks,

The Three Modes of Nature (Satvaguna = the quality of goodness, Rajoguna = the principle of activity and Tamoguna = the principle of inertia), enter into our thoughts, conqour them and ignore them, do not join with them. Do not wish for salvation instantly neither in this birth itself. Your effort will not get wasted, it will get forwarded to the next births. When we depend on others, we get used to slavery. We do not believe that the God, indweller is in our heart. We always believe in outside Gods, idol-worship etc. There are no dualities (likes-dislikes, love-hatred, profit-loss) for consciousness. Supreme knowledge is final, ultimate, the rest are all relative truths.

Every person's nature of the mind is unique, be careful with every person and move with them according to their nature and above all do not get spoilt by their nature. All sorrow is created by the mind. Body, world, God all are the creation of the mind. The cause for the re-births is in the mind. You will lose this birth and next also if you do not control your mind. If you cannot do Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) now, How can you do it in the next births'?

The gunas (the three qualities) do not stick on to the Saint for He does not have the glue to stick to them. Therefore they come and pass away. The purpose for which the body has come, once accomplished, leaves it instantly, this occurs for the body -bounded person. Those who do not have body-boundedness they do not need to perform any japa sadhana(spiritual practices) etc. Everything happens in its course of time. Do not look forward or wait for anything. We believe in worldly matters, newspaper matters, politics etc., but we do not believe in the Bhagawad Gita, it means that our mind is not correct. Thought, word and deed should coincide. We get thoughts both good and bad, pray to God to remove the bad thoughts and to give us good and useful thoughts. Pray for the grace of God, because everything is possible by His grace. Dedicate your Thought, word and deed to God.

The wise man makes the maximum utilisation of the given opportunity. The fool leaves the Golden opportunities. In the sacred epic 'The Ramayana', the character of Matayu' (the eagle) is glorified in a wonderful manner. When Ravana (the demon king) abducted Sita, Jatayu was the sole witness and he not only taught with Ravana but also sacrificed and dedicated his life for the sake of Rama and also to convey the message of Sita's abduction he breathed his last moments with great devotion towards Rama waiting for Him. Jatayu was the most fortunate devotee for Lord Rama Himself performed his last rytes whereas He could not perform the same of His father King Dasharatha. That was the Law of Lord Rama. Similarly, Vali?s (the monkey king) death was written in the hands of Rama therefore Vali attained that Supreme state by being killed by Sri Rama. That was Destiny. God too in the incarnation of Sri Rama has to accept and play the rols of Destiny. Destiny is very- powerful.

When you cleanse and purify your mind, your behaviour, your word and deed will be very good. Act Now! How long will this body remain? Start purifying your mind fast. Any action with doership is arrogance, ego, attachment and leads to many births. When we perform any meritorious action think that God has got it done by me and it is true also. God is beyond respect and disrespect. God fulfills the word of the devotees. He is God. Stability in devotion is required. It you are doing service to anybody think that you are serving to God. I will receive that service and you will be eligible for my grace. Think of Me, Pray to Me, with clarity in the mind you will never leave Me, I am God, I am Brahmam, Have faith in Me, You think only of Brahmam, learn it, talk about it, Hear about it, live into it, Share it and become one with it and become united with Me. When you have attained that Brahmic State, there are no dualities, there is no identification with the mind, body, sense - organs etc, there remains natural purity, beauty and goodness, That Supreme Bliss is ever new, you can feel it, touch it every Second, Solitary happiness, independent happiness, enjoy it, no need of body, mind sense organs births - deaths etc. It is an unspoken and unwritten expression.

You are wasting your precious time, life, body, mind, all opportunities, even (GOOD GURU - SAINT) for nothing (worldly matters).

Even Gods and deities long for that Supreme state. Krishna says, you may travel by any route or path but you do come to Me reach to Me, attain Me for I am Brahmam. I have taken this body only for you because you like this form, only for the fulfillment of the devotees wishes that God takes incarnation.


Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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