Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Polamooru

Date: 28 Feb 2009


My Dear Soul-mates,

We should perform meritorious actions till the extent possible for us. Remembering and chanting the name of God, Self-less actions are meant for the purification of the mind. Mind is called Jiva(being). God exists everywhere and is indweller in the heart. The world is the creation of the mind. The body brings unhappiness along with it. Some weakness or tendency leads the mind outwards. Money, Status, Education etc... bring sorrow and grief. Life teaches more lessons than we learn in the educational institutions. Your action should not bind you, even one small thought brings re-birth. In deep-sleep state there is only peace and happiness, one-ness, there is no duality. See that you do not get bad, evil or wrong thoughts because you are answerable for every single thought. You may possess wealth, richness, servants, respects, regards, intelligence, scholarship etc..., Do you have spiritual wealth? And there is no effort to gain spiritual wealth. You should persue spiritual practice with tolerance. Food supply to the mind should be decreased. Be careful and without negligence, every action should be for the purification of the mind. God is ONE. Separateness is created by the mind, it brings more.and more re-births. We go to temples, true devotion is to love God, to have faith in God, to trust God, to express gratitude to God. Whoever loses himself, (body-boundedness) acquires the TRUTH. When the body itself is not yours, what else can be yours. We should try to acquire Divine Qualities. Lord Rama possessed all Divine Qualities. Do perform your duty in a self-less manner and do not expect happiness, it comes naturally. One should have discipline, planning and future vision. Everything happens in its own time. The benevolent cannot leave benevolence, So also, I cannot leave you. In this birth itself, in this body only you experience the TRUE HAPPINESS, BLISS. SRI Rama to Sugriva- (the friendship being divine friendship). He transformed it from physical and material to total divinity which lead him to liberation. That is RAMA and That is His Divine friendship.

Try to achieve self-knowledge, experience, happiness, bliss, that natural state, enquiry, who am I? It comes from a saint. Gautam Buddha achieved 100% state, complete, total salvation. No body-boundedness. His body was cremated in a common burial ground. There should be no doership in every action. The style, the mode of action should be such that it should not bring re-birth. Work only for work and forget it. There is nothing equal to or greater than knowledge. Holy company dilutes and destroys the bondage between the world, eliminates weaknesses, tendencies, body-boundedness and naturally you will get insight. Even if you forget it, you will re-discover it. Holy man, pious man spreads the waves of peace from distance or from anywhere else also. Sincere NAMA(chanting of the name) is enough for talking me from this cycle of births and deaths. Your will is my will That is total surrender.

God gives difficulties or losses to remove the crookedness in your mind and to bless you with salvation in this birth. All this is God's leela, maya, play(illusion), love, affection, faith towards God leads you to liberation, (only one love towards you), I lost everything in the flow of devotion, I lost my mind, sense-organs even without my knowledge. Hanuman crossed the ocean by faith in the Rama Nama where as Rama Himself had to build the bridge to cross the ocean. Rama Nama is greater than Rama Himself. Rama Nama(chanting the name) is greater than Rama (God) Himself. In Kaliyuga(the darkest night) even a small good deed brings endless fruit. If your mind is pure and you are at peace, you need not preach, the waves will flow from you into the world. Your bones will teach the world.-Swami Vivekananda. Do perform your allotted duty with love and liking. Enjoy your prarabdha(accumulated actions). If you experience it with liking, calmly, steadily, this will not get repeated in the next birth. TRUTH and HAPPINESS is in the heart. The rest(outside happiness) is unreal and temporary. Our nervous system should be cool, calm and quite. God cannot be without grace. Even difficulties are God's grace. They are meant for the cleansing of your mind. Fear is imaginative and is very common. Outside matters should not be absorbed. Love-hatred, likes-dislikes, dualities they are created by the mind. Dispel the mind, name, body, sense-organs, Here and now you will get salvation. Become eligible get purified and experience the truth Bliss. By worship concentration increases and health also improves.

Guru (saint) eliminates the unrest, weaknesses and tendencies in you by bringing them into your mind, projecting them into a large basis, draws them out and then cleans you and treats you. Whatever He does is for your benefit. REMEMBER IT. Any repeated tendency (however big it may be, big stones, mountains, bull-dozers etc...) will get washed away in the course of time. You are searching for peace in the bazaars. It is within you. Guru (saint) out of love, grace, compassion, without your effort, sometimes sends waves of peace and happiness. Experience it totally. Elevate your spiritual status by intellectual dispassion. Guru is self, consciousness develop a never-ending relationship with Him.

Always associate with those elevated souls:' The essence of this speech is —your thought word and deed should not bring re-birth. Leave the body to the destiny, forget name and body while performing any action whatsoever. Thought -word and deed should be balanced. Talk less and Talk only when necessary. Cultivate living faith towards God.


Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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