Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Ganapavaram

Date: 22 Feb 2009


My Dear Soul-mates,

Silence is golden, speech is silver. When the mind is controlled, that is called silence. I do not hate myself but I hate others and I do not love others, this is because of separateness. We are not experiencing that you and me are one, due to body boundedness and the false I which are unreal. Deep-sleep state is nearer to God and Truth. In that state there is no I, no world, no snake, no likes and dislikes, no dualities, no friends or enemies, not even God as there is no mind there. After awakening, only one feeling remains that I slept well. When we experience the true self the same bliss remains and nothing else exists.

We are getting spoiled because we have great attachment towards the body, outside respect comes and it is meant to go because it is untrue. Worship is good for it works as some basic support. Guru (saint) has to work harder than the disciple, to preach to him and then to take him to that supreme state even till births and births together. Guru chases you in every birth. Guru, God, Brahmam are all one.

We all have intellect, it should be used to differentiate between Truth and False, enquire whether it is temporary or permanent, keen observation, discrimination and long vision is required. Nobody likes to commit mistakes, only by maya (illusion) they do it. We do not like unrest because our true self is peace. Everything is destined, birth and death are also destined, enjoy your prarabdha (destiny) (good or bad) then this destiny will not repeat itself in the next birth. RAMA (god) did not have destiny for He did not have I. The body functions according to the prarabdha (accumulated actions). Never associate with rogues or scoundrels, even never sit near them, in fact be very far from them. This is retold in the Valmiki Ramayana.

Every person carries nature (mentality) which is in the mind, conquer it. When you have conquered your mind from likes-dislikes, love-hatred, dualities, you have conquered the world. We watch others nature and we gain nothing, we experience hell (the darkest nights). You should watch yourself, your state of consciousness elevates. Every thing is created by the mind. Just for controlling the mind sense-organs, worship some form and develop inner-sight. Previous births strength meritorious deeds are essential too. Always associate with and follow the good, truth, never follow the false. Adopt good wherever you find it. When Guru (saint) comes to your house it becomes KAASI (A HOLY PLACE). A saint only can identity another saint. TRUTH GOD is REAL. Everything else is unreal. Every action is thought. The greatest thing is to stop worrying. The mind gets spoiled and gets united with the worldly affairs.

Gradually you get unrest, you lose intellect. You see the world and fall prey to it. Tolerance should be increased. We all are under the control of God Eswara. Everything happens under the control of God.

Desire and Anger make you perform wrong actions. Anger is a curse. It travels as fast as the fast flowing river. One sickness is enough for the body to die. We see bad in others because our mind is not good. Change your sight and see good in every body. You get many thoughts, by Nama (charting of the name), japa, dhyana (spiritual practices) the truth will get enlightened and the rest will leave. Be good always and Do good but BE GOOD is very difficult than DO GOOD do your duty and be calm. When the mind goes outwards, it gets dirty, spoilt and when it goes inwards it becomes clean and pure. The body itself is a thought the body itself is a disease. ENQUIRY, THINK- from where are the thoughts coming?-THE MIND, gradually it will go away vanish. When there is no mind, there are no thoughts. No body will stand. That which comes from outside has to go away. TRUTH is always ONE. The body should be used for enquiry or spiritual practice otherwise the whole life gets wasted. Remember God and get liberated. Surrender to God or attaining self knowledge, both are the same. Discrimination and Dispassion are essential, not due to difficulties or grief but by a sound intellect. When you realize the TRUTH then you know that every thing is unreal. Dream state is also unreal. Wakeful state is along dream. Do not let the mind outside, it gets dirty, spoilt again it has to be cleaned, then there is no enhancement. You should have self thinking, stable mind, never forgot the goal. Use the time properly and you will win the grace of God. Time is most valuable, even more than money. Wash away the weakness and tendencies. You must and should know the TRUTH and it should be known to you. By enquiry, self enquiry the unreal will leave, only the TRUTH stands. The false I is created by the mind. Dispel the worldly affairs by spiritual practice. You do need it for the cleaning of the mind. Remember God, Think of God, Always have relation with God, Hear only God's words, God works only for our purification. Holy company is very fortunate. The saints, they work hard, they prepare, cook the knowledge and will directly pour into our mouth. You have to only swallow it. The relation with Guru (saint) is endless Guru will chase you in every birth till you and ME are ONE. Till you reach that absolute state, self, God, consciousness.

Even if I leave you, Guru will not leave you. Guru's love is unworldly, unphysical, Till He eats your ignorance, He will never leave you. HE IS A TRUE GURU. Protect your peace in all states and in all times wandering and wavering of the mind gets reduced. Develop love, liking, respect towards God and any form and Name. Constantly think of God otherwise the mind gets polluted even by reading news paper daily and never share the news with others.


Courtesy: Smt Neelam
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