Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Jinnuru

Date: To be determined - 2008


My Dear Soul-mates,

The essence of all the Upanishads, Bhagawad Gita is PEACE. I sware(God) is the rules, the Administrator. He is the most benevolent. Destiny cannot be escaped. But it is connected only to the body. The Architects design the buildings. Everything is built according to the designs. Similarly God is our Architect and according to that design does our body move till the Death-Day. God Knows what is Best For Us. But still, we are free to do Sadhana (Spiritual practice). It is in our hands, though Destiny may not be in our hands. The being should learn lessons from Destiny, The impact of the destiny should not fall on you. The knowledge life teaches is better than all the bookish knowledge of the world. Where there is total surrender, there is no unrest. Practice before preach. You first experience the peace and then advice it to others. The Artificial I has been created by God. We should pray to God to eliminate it. We get all roots of thoughts. Happiness, sorrow, Death, All are thoughts. Overcome the unreal I pray to God to remove it. Earn the grace and compassion of God, by True Love, devotion, respect, affection etc. You pay salutations to God, elders and you gain humility. Worship is meant for the concentration and control of the mind.

MY WORD HAS LOT OF POWER. IT IS VERY POWERFUL. It is pure and without any support. It travels across oceans and rivers. BY WORD We can cross the destiny also.

We have become very commercial. Our devotion is also trade and business and so is our charity. These have become means for recognition.

Do perform your duty, even in the family, unattached. Everybody is related only to the body.

The one who preaches is God, Man cannot Preach. If you want God and God alone, QUIT THIS WORLD. When you attain God, that Supreme State, the whole world will be benefited by you.

Do not develop the habit of reading Newspapers, It increases RAJOGUNA(The principle of activity).

Somebody asked. Who is eligible for Salvation? The simple answer was, where there is no 'I', there is salvation, Liberation. God is indweller in you. Without His grace, Compassion, you cannot attain Him.

We get unrest only because We are not able to accept the will of God

The inner tendencies follow us from many many births and births and even after. We acquire the Supreme knowledge they do not leave us by Force of habit from unlimited births. The greatest thing is to stop worrying,

The one whom you love most and care for the most or whom you have helped or favoured, God(Guru-SAINT) changes their mind and makes them abuse you or cheat you just to remove the attachment in you towards them then to cleans you, purify you, to bring you nearer to God, When attachment gets removed, the mind gets purified and When Ego is removed, Knowledge is gained. You try to remove the ego in you, do not bother about others.

Whether God is with a form or formless? He may he however, it is Secondary, Primarily it is better to Believe that God exists. It is a wonderful expression.

Do perform you duty with egoless and no doership with the mind totally empty, Vaccum and FIX YOUR MIND ON GOD. Whoever performs his actions in a fruitless manner is a Saint.

By chanting the HOLY NAME (Name) with intense love, liking, devotion you slowly forget other thoughts, It gives life to the body and strength to the mind. You will realize the glory of the HOLY NAME. Do perform you work and others work equally. When you hurt or pain yourself and when you hurt or pain others both are sin

Our mind should be pure, clean, then it is eligible to reach God.

You love your Spouse, children, family etc. but you love yourself more than anybody else, but you should love God equally then only you can attain Him, get united with Him, There should not be any decrease in Love towards God even under any circumstances, unconditional Love towards God,

Everything is Maya(illusion) It can be removed only by His grace, it gets washed away in the flow of the grace of God, even big boulders, elephants in the great flow of grace. This is God's Leela., play We are all tools, Players, toys,

All bodies are shadows. They are toys. They are playing in between themselves, enjoying and suffering and suddenly remember God. Then he comes and takes then with Him, cleans them, purifies them and unites them with Him. Such is the grace of God.

In this creation nothing is my own, everything is God given. God gives everything and takes it away, God is our well-wisher and only to remove the crookedness in our mind, He removes or takes it away.

God Bless us all, God guide us all and let God's grace be with us all


Courtesy: Smt Neelam
© 2010 Sri Ramana Kshetram, Jinnuru 534265, Andhra Pradesh, India
Last Updated:June 27, 2017