Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Palakol

11th November 2007


My Dear Soul-mates,

Ego, sorrow, death, these are all thoughts. The last thought is death. Health and sickness are also thoughts. All these are already destined. As the crows though flying in the sky cannot see the moon, so also, people reading the Bhagavad Gita with a desirous mind cannot understand it, one can understand it only by the grace of God.

Nobody likes to die. But Praana(life) will leave the body at any moment without notice, once the purpose of the birth is accomplished. The body dies but the real truth, God, inside exists. It is deathless, formless, nameless, pure, happy, the indweller in your heart, can be experienced internally but not with the mind and sense-organs. START SAADHANA (SPIRITUAL PRACTICE) now and experience that supreme bliss in this body itself. Who knows when this body will die? Once you attain that supreme state, there is no fear of death. Death is like changing clothes, from one body to another or changing place from one room to another. Death is like the final examination of life. The student who studies well for the whole year only fares well in the final examination. The Saadhaka(aspirant) who constantly remembers God for the whole of his life only can remember God at the last moment, while parting from the body, and that is the ultimate test, the result of course is God realization.

Remember God with love, devotion, and the mind should be pure, steady and single-pointed.

These three are very powerful.

1.       Body-boundedness

2.       Worldly attractions

3.       The artificial I

They cannot be dispelled. For removing them, the support of the Guru and His grace is essential. This world is a training ground for all of us. God is formless, nameless but has taken form for us and is working constantly for us. God is like wind, cannot be caught like tangible things. We have to get united and become one with it, that which it is, it is even with or without our knowledge. And there is the endless peace and unbroken happiness.

In Kaliyuga (which is considered as speed-age) the darkest night, Desire and Anger are at their peak. To overcome these, naama, the recitation of the holy name is enough.

Every person performs actions to satisfy his ego. Whoever uses his mind, body and sense-organs only for God is a true devotee. He accepts the will of God willingly. Keep away from prohibited actions(Karmas). Practice self-less Karma(action) which is desire less, fruitless, egoless even meritorious actions should be self-less and perform your duty with love and liking, this itself is Karma Yoga by which the mind gets purified and it will not trouble you. Then you experience the Truth, the Absolute state, the real thing within you.

AIM HIGH AND THE HIGHEST. Dont aspire for worldly happiness. They are transient. The darkness, the ignorance within us cannot be dispelled by crores of rupees. The light(grace) of the Guru only can brighten it. That is the real, True, faithful, I enlightening within us and all around. Where as the false I is a wrong identify which produces wrong thinking in us and is mere time waste and energy waste. Everything is dependent in this world because it is generated from the Artificial I. God only is independent and we get independent unbroken happiness, peace, Bills from him.

By performing your duty perfectly, the mind gets purified and gets released from the dualities also. It becomes your friend and in this effort, Saadhana, the divine grace automatically bestows upon you. God exists everywhere and in our heart too. Get bounded to Him inside and develop a relation with Him. In Kaliyuga, Never leave Gods Lotus feet and never forget His naama(The HOLY NAME) and always remember Him.

That which it is, it is beyond intellect, imagination, unworldly, true happiness, Bliss, only can be experienced and you get dispassion from enjoyments here and in other worlds too. Gods word is ultimate but because of our wrong thinking and fruitful thinking we do not believe it.

Mahatma Gandhi served the Nation. He sacrificed his life for the Nation. Whether his principles are followed or his sacrifice is fruitful is secondary, He performed self-less action, He became Mahatma (Great Soul). He became closer to God. Devotion originates through service and sacrifice.

Do your duty perfectly towards your family members and their progress and well-being is the duty of God. Do not get attached to worldly attachments - you will lose attachment to God. It is like a blind man guiding another blind man.

Love God more, and shower more love to God and constantly Love God. Gods word is law. It carries weight. Everything is Maya(Illusion). It can be removed only by my grace. All thoughts come from ignorance, it brings bondage. In every situation favorable or unfavorable, whoever has a balanced mind is truly fortunate.

Everybody is feeding the false I. You should have craving, longing, curiosity to get released from it but it happens only from the purification of the mind. The moment you get devotion, love, faith and liking towards God, you will realize that this Artificial I is useless, wealth, power etc are unreal. We are close to the world but not to God. You should have endless faith in God. Meritorious actions will lead you to Saadhana. Any path should remove the ego and the ignorance in you. If you have faith in God, he will eliminate the wrong thinking and wrong habits in you.

God is everywhere and in every body and in every form. Therefore perform every action as Pooja(worship) (WORK is WORSHIP) and with total devotion and ACTION ITSELF SHOULD BE DEVOTION.

The False I is baseless. Birth-death, the creation, the planets, world, coming, going, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars everything stands on it. The True I, The real I, The Supreme Truth, The ultimate and final word, that which it is, that which exists does exist whether you know it or not, recognize it or not, understand it or not. To understand it is MAHA YOGA( Great sacrifice Saadhana).

Fix your thoughts on God, inculcate faith in Him. God, the indweller within us will enlighten us. We are connected with Him, we should never separate from Him.

Our mind should travel inwards for which our mind should be cool.




Courtesy: Smt. Neelam
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