Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Komaragiripatnam

08th January 2005


My dear Soul-mates,

Today is Prahalada Swamy’s birthday and the name of this Ashram is Prahalada Ashram. We had come here about 4-5 years back.

Like Lighthouses are important and useful for the seas and the oceans so also Ashrams are for the human being. We get peace and progress here.

The Truth is only one. It is impersonal, it is perfect, it has no gender, it does not require anything, I am this, this is mine, my things or my country - No NOTHING.

The untruth is also only one. It is ‘I‘, The false ‘I‘, it gets united with the body, community, surroundings, name, family, race, ego, desire, anger etc.

Only when this ‘I’ is removed, we can be able to help and co-operate with others, but how can we help others while we ourselves are from sorrows? If we remove the mind, there is nothing. The mind is MAYA(ILLUSION), it creates everything, desire, jealousy etc.

To attain that real-thing which is in your heart, the self-knowledge, the supreme-knowledge, first of all you should have the desire to know it, then the longing and the craving to acquire it, for which you should not only perform NISHKAMA KARMA(SELF LESS-ACTION), but also SELFLESS-thinking, pooja, penance(TAPASYA) charity, learning and with control of mind and above all with pure hard work with a big No to laziness AND TOTAL DEDICATION AND 100% PURITY IS REQUIRED.

Because, the supreme knowledge is the essence of the very hard work of the RISHIS and the great people who have done penance for thousands and thousands of years and given it to us. How valuable it is!


Once our Indian President SRI ABDUL KALAM visited a school in his native place, Rameshwaram. After his short speech, a 10th STD Student asked him a beautiful question. “Does God Exist?” The President replied, every evening, I watch the Sky, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the planets, the Oceans, the buildings, the people, this body, then, How can I say that the ONE(GOD) who has created all this does not exist? Without referring to any Scriptures, a very clear and practical expression which is really wonderful.

Another 9th STD Student asked the President, “How can I become like you?”. The president replied, you should acquire both material knowledge and spiritual knowledge as both are equally essential in life. Then you will surely become like me.

Now let us know where does God exist we all know that God is everywhere, in the temples, in idols, in pictures etc. But the real GOD is in our heart, He is the in-dweller in us. He is working silently but we don’t like silence.

We don’t have the desire to realize God. We are not doing Saadhana and are wasting all our time. TIME MANAGEMENT is very important.

There is an old tale of a monkey. A monkey-catcher was set to catch a monkey. By nature, monkey’s for eating the fruits, spoil the surroundings by jumping from here to there. So also is our mind. It possesses all the qualities of a monkey. If the monkey has taken alcohol and is bit by a Scorpion, just imagine its plight, so also the condition of our mind, by nature it is unstable and added with desire, anger, ego etc gets out of control.

The monkey-catcher keeps cashew nuts in a container having a small opening through which only the hand goes in. The monkey gets attracted towards the cashew nuts and puts its hand into it and hold the nuts in its fist, and when unable to bring out the fist thinks that somebody inside has held its hand. The attraction of the nuts is so strong that it forgets to open the Fist. So it is bound by its own Fist.

Such is the condition of our mind. It gets bound by lacks and crores of attractions and desires and gets attached to worldy objects and till we get separateness from all these we cannot get true freedom.

(“AHAM BRAHMASMI”, “TATVAMA SI”) - I am Brahma you also are Brahma. You and me are not different. We both are one. When we all are one, and if you find it different, it is your mind that is creating separateness. Remember one point, while doing any work, remove the body-bounded-ness.

Our goal, our destination is to attain that supreme state and the sadhana plus my word will help you, guide you and bring you out from untruth to truth, unrest to peace.

(SIDDHI) - SUPERNATURAL POWERS which one may acquire through penance is only MAYA(Illusion). Don’t get carried away by it. The real and ultimate SIDDHI is the supreme knowledge without which there is no peace or liberation. GAUTAM BUDDHA attained that state where there is no unrest, no sorrow. God cannot be deceived by physical exercise. The longing, the craving to attain that state should come from inside as a flow naturally. It will guide you, the GOD inside will guide you, will take you to the truth, if you cannot understand it, he will make you understand by creating situations and will bring everything out for you. Till you know the ultimate truth and realize it, you will be traveling in this never-ending cycle of birth and death. Our goal is spiritual knowledge and that one is only permanent, the rest is all a temporary phase. Money is the vision of the world. It is also not permanent.

Follow Dharma (Virtue), you will become pure, you shall get peace and will definitely attain the spiritual knowledge. The Ramanaya is the guide to you.

Once you attain that ultimate goal, all creation will come to you, as all the rivers flow into the sea. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi said,” God will give everything to you and will give himself also you”. God surrenders to you and perfoms all your actions. Such is the glory of knowledge. Whenever you ask or pray, ask only for the ultimate, the supreme knowledge. For which this alone, everything is acquired.

You are knowing the value of knowledge. If you hear it, you will know it, for which you need to use your brain, but our brain has been spoilt by the mind. How will the mind get purified? Only by self-less effort, action penance, you can control your mind and senses and then you are fit for knowledge. We should have never-ending devotion towards GOD. We are desiring all the objects created by God but not GOD himself. MIRABAI wanted only GOD and nothing other than God.

When you realize God, you will not require any other powers. In deep sleep the everything less state is there, mind-less, body-less, but you don’t know it. We should put in effort to know that state. God looks by closing his eyes and shows it to us by opening the eyes. That is fear-less state. Till we attain that state, some or the other fear will be chasing you.

Everything is Brahman. You and me. Separateness from it is the mind. Birth, death, impressions of previous births etc is all mind. When the mind is burnt, you get knowledge. Don’t panic be peaceful, be quiet, cool, balanced. Your thought, your mind, your behaviors should be balanced.

Whatever action you perform should be for the benefit of others, then you will acquire SATVAGUNA and that will lead you to salvation. Pray for devotion and not salvation because great and true devotion is surrender to God.

The name of Krishna (GOD) works like a dynamite. It helps in blasting the stones and rocks of our mind, which are desires, weaknesses, habits, tendencies etc and clears them all.

After many good deeds in many previous births you are given this human form so by not wasting even one minute, you should make maximum use of time to know, and to realize that supreme state for which your mind gets purified by Holy Company, and only self-knowledge will release you from the cycle of birth and death and till you attain that self-realization state you will find everything true even MAYA (illusion) also true.




Courtesy: Smt. Neelam
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