Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at At Kubera Lingam

Arunachala, 27th May 2003


Devotee Even if we wish for that which is not in our karma what will happen?

Swamiji He will wish for that which is there in his karma only. Only after getting moksha, a person will attain the state of no misery, and of no fear.

All creatures are instruments in the hands of God. He uses them according to the way they should be used. When we think that God is the doer then we don’t have misery. We think that unless we assume doership the work won’t get done. If good happens, we think it is due to our own cleverness but if bad happens then we think God did it. God is the doer for both!

In all practices, japa, dhyana, and vichara (self-enquiry) – ‘I’ is there. If you solve that ‘I’, it is enough. For that only self-enquiry is required. Thought is the reason for misery. If you enquire as to who the ‘I’ is, it gets merged back. Thought doesn’t have strength. All is God’s strength. For good and bad, God is the only doer. If you don’t have confidence in God’s will, you get misery.

Once there was a devotee in Pandaripur. Someone beat him and he was admitted into hospital. When asked, ‘Who beat you?’ he replied, ‘It is God that beat me. It is God that brought me to the hospital. It is God that treated me. Everything is God.’

Yama (God of death) is also a jiva. God gave him the job of taking away the dead. When Yama asked God why he was given a job for which he will be blamed by everyone God replied, ‘People will be think that the dead died due to illness, accident or other reasons, you won’t appear in the picture. They won’t think you are the reason.’

Once someone asked Bhagavan, ‘You are telling about Siva but not about Parvathi?’ And Bhagavan replied, ‘Every word I utter about Siva applies to Parvathi also. They aren’t separate. We always like separation not unity. It one is there – silence! If two are there – sound! Nature (prakriti) exists in God (purusha). They aren’t separate.’

  • The force that brought you to Arunachala will be after you till you get Self-knowledge.

  • It is easier to carry a huge sack of rice than to bear the burden of doership. To accept that God is the doer you need dedication and magnanimity.

  • All paths lead to God. Self-enquiry is a short cut. There is no need to travel much.

  • Our weakness and the reason for our negativity is that we don’t have a hundred percent faith in God.


Courtesy: Meenakshi Ammal, Tiruvannamalai
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