Ramana Bhaskara


Discourse of Sadguru Sri Nannagaru at Chintapalli

04th April 2001

My dear Soul-mates,

Our Intellect is suitable for physical and spiritual progress. There should be responsibility in our conduct. Our responsible attitude develops respect towards Dharma (Virtue). By which we get the decision to practice Dharma. Our mind gets inner-sight by practicing Dharma. GOD is in your heart only. Your ignorance is the only obstacle for not experiencing the GOD within you. He himself is GURU who, for removing your ignorance, creates situations in your life and then gives you strength, helps you and co-operates with you. One gets inner-sight by doing Pooja, Japa, Dhyana or any Saadhana, because the actual thing is inside and not anywhere outside.

Except GOD which is in your heart, everything is created by the mind. One should practice equanimity and dispel self-interest. Broad-mindedness is acquired by practicing. We, We and removing I, I. Because of narrow-mindedness we are not able to know the thing inside. When our mind is broad, when it becomes smaller, when it is pure, we come to know the GOD inside. Our birth, our death and through this body before death whatever occurs, occurs according to Iswaraís will. Self-interest reduces in us if we understand this.

To experience GOD we need 4 important points. We should believe that GOD EXISTS. Not only through speech, it should come through your heart. Is it enough if you believe GOD? You should acquire love and affection to GOD.

It is not only enough if you acquire love towards GOD. You should aspire to know GOD. You should strive to know GOD. After that you should become one with GOD. If we follow these 4 points we attain spiritual knowledge and then we get peace. Money once lost can be re-gained but time once lost cannot be re-gained. So time should be utilized carefully. If time is wasted it shows disrespect to GOD. Donít waste time by talking useless matters. You are Aatma but you are getting body-mindedness. You will acquire spiritual knowledge by removing that which is causing body-mindedness in you and not by removing any outwardly objects.

You should surrender to GOD. You should accept the will of GOD. Do not panic when difficulties come. They come to you with the awareness of GOD. That is why you should accept the will of GOD. This is also SAADHANA. One knows the power of GOD only when one lives a responsible life and develops a sharp mind. You become one with GOD in this body form itself if you are away from self-interest. Your desire does not have any value. Everything is destined (Prarabhda). According to the destiny (prarabhda) everything goes on. If destined, you get it even if not desired and if not destined, any desire will not be fulfilled. If you understand this your mind will be cool and calm. If you sit alone and observe your thoughts you will know that these thoughts are centered in the body. Your love becomes universal if you can remove these thoughts, and when your heart is purified, free from egoism.

We can obtain birth-less state by living a responsible life, by the work we perform, we naturally separate from body-mindedness. Like how the fruit naturally drops from the tree only after it ripens totally. You can remain at home and by performing daily activities also you can do your Saadhana. Do not get angry and do not run away from home. By escaping you cannot get knowledge. You can attain salvation by being at home also. You should try to change your nature. It is very difficult to change your nature and your will face difficulties and sorrows. How painful is it to touch the fire, equally painful it is to try to change your nature. You should observe the obstacles and try to remove them and not escape from them. If you can experience the GOD within you through you, the whole world will be benefited. Many people will learn from you.

Everything happens according to the will of GOD. Donít say I have achieved this or that. GOD has only used your body as a tool. Whatever state is attained by performing Pooja, Japa, Dhyana etc can be attained by performing Nishkama Karma.

One gets sorrow and unrest because one is united with body and sense organs. There are many attractions in the world. If we fall prey to them, we become distant to GOD. When it comes to Bhakthi, we are still small children. When we send small children for bringing something, on the way, if they find any plaything and looking at them, they forget the work for which they had come. We also have forgotten the purpose of our life in its attractions. Outside wealth does not come with us. So increase the inside wealth I.e. Spiritual wealth, you should try to change your nature. By changing nature, you will attain spiritual progress. Then there is clarity and purity in your speech. When you want to earn money, you travel the whole world. Similarly, to meet a noble-hearted person, if required, travel till the end of the world. You put in effort now. Gradually you will gain progress. Donít be hasty, your effort will not be wasted. We break the coconut. If it breaks on the fourth time, we think it broke on the fourth blow, but it is not true. The force of the previous three blows is on it. It broke on the fourth blow. That is all, similarly the power of all the effort you put in always there. You will gain knowledge by Saadhana.

If you want to go to Hyderabad, it is enough if you board the particular train, it will take you to your destination. Similarly, if you begin Saadhana, it will automatically take you to the goal.

Courtesy: Smt. Neelam
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